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NSELib - The NameSpace Extension Library

Many software developers have always stayed away from namespace extensions. Why?   Because they were too hard to code, required too much effort to get going on all Windows versions, and the know-how was just not there.

With NSELib, it's easy, requires almost no coding work, works on every Windows version transparently, and there is no know-how needed at all.

The same job that used to take teams of top developers many months can now be done by your average guy in a few days. This innovative technology opens the way to many new applications that would never have existed without it.

What is most surprising about NSELib is that it is so versatile. You might expect it to do just one simple job: Create an extra folder in Explorer. But it will just as easily function as a protocol handler for Internet Explorer (think ftp, http), or as a stand-alone file viewer that can browse files in-place like regular file system folders.

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Shell Units for Delphi (ShlObj,ShellAPI etc)

The shell units supplied with the various Delphi versions are missing a lot of definitions. In the process of developing NSELib, we converted pretty much all of the C++ shell API to Delphi and are making these units freely available to other Delphi programmers. All we ask is that you retain our copyright notice in the units.

To download the files click the following link 

Windows Mail API (MSOEAPi, MimeOLE)

Recently, I had cause to create an application to index email messages from outlook express and during the process of doing so, I had to convert the windows mail api to Delphi. I'm making the results of this conversion available to other Delphi programmers as it doesn't appear to be available elsewhere. All I ask is that you retain the header in the files and don't claim it as your own work.

To download the files click the following link 

Ever wanted to use RGS files to self register your Explorer extension dlls? Well now you can as I converted the ATL code to delphi to add rgs files as resources to my projects rather than having to write huge amounts of resource code. To download the source file click the following link 

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